SADL is an ongoing project to introduce and help foster the role of arts in promoting freedom of thought and literacy in the arts in the new and free Sudan




How We Started

Khartoon Corner

It all started late 2017 when Sudanese political cartoonist Khalid Albaih realised that there are no bookshops or libraries in Sudan that can provide examples of different styles of visual storytelling to the participants of his workshop - later book - SudanRetold in Geothe Institute Khartoum. Later that year, around 200 titles of Khalid's own collection of art books and comics were shipped to Sudan and #Khartoon Corner was launched in collaboration with Goethe Institute.

Private University Library
Semi-Public / Public Library
Public Book Store
Sudan Art and Design Library

The Library is envisioned as a hub for all ages, a place to learn, to gather and communicate. The primary objective of the project is the creation of a public art and design resource for the Sudan. The library will collect and give the public free and open access to art objects, books, and media from both the Sudan and abroad. These materials will be made available to users of the library, both at the permanent location, digitally, and through a mobile library. Our secondary objective is to nurture new artistic works by providing facilities for research, production and exhibition along with collecting historic and contemporary art and design output in and from Sudan. Space where the Sudanese youth could discover their creative capabilities and learn from books from all around the world. A spot for storytimes as well as a corner for the elderly to reminisce about the good old times.

Who Are We?

We’ve come together from different parts of the world, united by the power of nurturing and fostering the arts of Sudan.

Why Now?

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